June 5, 2009


Absolute Elsewhere is the second poetry/photo project by Joy as Tiresome Vandalism (James Davies (poetry) & Simon Taylor (photography). Rather than JTV responding to the other’s work (as they did in the two aRb projects) they are responding to clues each sets. Starting in April 2009 and finishing March 2010 they will produce 6 pairs of work. In the first month of each pair a clue will be set for the other to respond to. JTV will not see the other person’s work until the project is over. Then the collection will be turned into a pdf. This site is being maintained by an independent body.

April (poem)/May (photo)
June (photo) /July (poem)
August (poem) / September (photo)
October (photo) /November (poem)
December (poem) / January (photo)
February (photo) / March (poem)


March poem

March 21, 2010



biro on scrap paper; drainpipe; Islington Mill


biro on scrap paper; construction site; Jackson Crescent, Hulme


marker pen on postal receipt; forest; Dove Stones


biro on scrap paper; bin; Seymour Park


biro on scrap paper; front door


biro on scrap paper; back door


fine liner on scrap paper; burned at home

P8 (for Simon)

biro on scrap paper; sent to Simon with request to burn


biro on scrap paper; sent to self in post and burned

Febuary photos

February 27, 2010

February clue

February 27, 2010

list of things I saw on a walk after it had stopped raining,on a Sunday.

  1. Vivid blue graffiti-looks like it says Bub.
  2. A couple on a bridge…a blurred Japenese girl in foreground with purple scarf.
  3. Family (smart farther… mother has a rusty brown head scarf..two sons..a scooter) pose for camera on bridge…photographer out of shot.
  4. Puddle in forground…..teenage boy with chavy trainers drags his feet behind..mum in the middle…younger daughter runs ahead.
  5. Pigeons scrabble for food in a puddle with reflection of tree.
  6. Puddle in foreground….woman with black high heel boots hurries on.
  7. Bright orange workmen on dark green bridge.
  8. Silver graffiti on mellow green…says Silver Orgy.
  9. woman running in turqoise t-shirt-reflected in puddle…blurred pigeon in foreground.

January photo

January 29, 2010

December poem

December 19, 2009

December clue

December 14, 2009


November poem

November 21, 2009

This is the first time I’ve ever written something to be performed more than as a textual piece. In the video recording the poem was read through in four different ways and in the order below, looped and fugued :

Concrete nouns only
Colours only

October photos

November 7, 2009

calf copy

faxe in glass copy

stuck copy

October clue

November 7, 2009

distorted head in a pint glass

September photos

September 12, 2009


2_two people kissing with ghosts for eyes copy

3_brain cross section

4_finwall copy