Febuary photos

February 27, 2010


February clue

February 27, 2010

list of things I saw on a walk after it had stopped raining,on a Sunday.

  1. Vivid blue graffiti-looks like it says Bub.
  2. A couple on a bridge…a blurred Japenese girl in foreground with purple scarf.
  3. Family (smart farther… mother has a rusty brown head scarf..two sons..a scooter) pose for camera on bridge…photographer out of shot.
  4. Puddle in forground…..teenage boy with chavy trainers drags his feet behind..mum in the middle…younger daughter runs ahead.
  5. Pigeons scrabble for food in a puddle with reflection of tree.
  6. Puddle in foreground….woman with¬†black high heel boots hurries on.
  7. Bright orange workmen on dark green bridge.
  8. Silver graffiti on mellow green…says Silver Orgy.
  9. woman running in turqoise t-shirt-reflected in puddle…blurred pigeon in foreground.